Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is the healthiest beverage ever. An anti-aging beverage that can boost your immune system and make you vigorous and strong.

Its filled with antioxidants and nutrients that are absolutely essential for mind and body!

Green tea is being used as a medicine for centuries, and widely used in China and Asia. It also prevents cancer.

Some benefits of Green tea are:

1.Weight loss

It increases metabolism and the polyphenol found in the green tea extract intensifies the body level and burns out the high calories consumed.

2.Heart diseases:

When consumed it works through the lining of blood vessels aiding them to stay relaxed and blood pressure remains normal. It highly protects the formation of clots which are the main cause of heart attacks.

3.Blood pressure:

Having green tea regularly helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

4. Depression:

An amino acid which is Theanine is found in the green leaves. This is the substance that provides a relaxing and calm feeling when one drinks green tea.

5. Diabetes:

It helps regulate sugar levels and reduces it normally after eating prevents high insulin spikes and fat is reduced.

6. Tooth Ache and decay:

Through research it is proven that the chemical antioxidant ‘catechin’ in the tea can easily destroy bacteria of any sort relieving one from any viral infections that cause tooth pain and decay.


Green Tea is highly recommended when one wants to get rid of dandruff. Use cold green tea mixture when washing hair. This is proven and it discards dandruff immediately.

8.Exercise booster:

When exercising the first thing one should do is have a small cup of brewed Green tea and a slice of lemon. This provides stamina and you have an energy drink free of all chemicals and glucose.

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Lemony morning booster!

Early morning health drink


1 glass warm water

1/2 TSP honey

1/4 TSP ginger powder

1 TSP coconut virgin oil


Add all the above ingredients in the warm water and stir well. This drink rejenuvates the body . You will feel the difference in your activity level. The lethargy disappears instantly and it helps boost the metabolism.However, the drink should be consumed on daily basis .

The drink should be taken an hour before breakfast.

Healthy home remedies that never fail!

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