Home remedy for Hair loss

Aloe Vera and Coconut oil

Homemade Aromatic oil to stop Hair fall!

Thinning of hair and hair loss can be worrisome.  Use the following home remedy to stop hair loss. This amazing oil could do wonders to your hair as it enhances hair growth and promotes nourishment to the scalp. It is indeed very effective for discarding dandruff and scalp infections.

With tremendous benefits, this oil can moisturize the hair as it consists plenty of amino acids. There are two vital vitamins present in Aloe Vera which are Vitamin A and Vitamin E.  Aloe is a miraculous plant and is safe to use.

All you will need is:

-2 Thick Aloe leaves

– 1 tsp Rose water

-1 Tbsp olive oil

-1/4 cup coconut virgin oil (purchased from amazon) check link below.


Cut open the aloe leaf into half and scoop out the gel in a nice clean bowl. Add coconut oil and olive oil and mix well with a wooden spoon. Add the rose water and boil the mixture for 7 mins on low heat.

Let cool and store in an airtight container for max 2 weeks.

Apply the oil twice a week by gently rubbing from the roots to the strands of hair. Massage gently and keep for an hour or two for great results. Wash hair with your best shampoo.

-The oil is suitable for all hair types and can be used freely.

Aloe is natural. Enjoy!



A soothing balm for chapped lips. The pleasant velvety texture leaves a lovely scent giving relief to chapped and itching lips.

  1. Take 2 Tbsp Brown sugar and add some honey ( 1 tbsp)
  2. Add few drops of jasmine or lavender essential oil.
  3. Mix and apply gently to the lips in a circular motion.
  4. Let rest for 3 mins.
  5. Rinse with rose water and dab some vaseline for pain relief.

Hair straightener home made cream.

DIY Straightener

Do it yourself hair straightener. Remember not to use hot irons, electric brush straighteners etc.

Very simple to make and should be continued for a month to see positive results. You need just 3 active ingredients.


  1. Half cup mayonnaise
  2. Half cup fresh coconut milk
  3. 2 sachets Heads N Shoulders shampoo

Method. Make a smooth paste with all the above and apply gently on hair. Using a comb brush your hair and wrap a hot shower cap or a towel.

Leave for an hour.

Wash your hair and dry naturally.

To be done twice a week for one month .

Sunday Morning special Green juice

This Sunday special is for detoxing the weeks high calorie food intake if you have overindulged and want to feel lighter and slimmer.It works every time I drink this awesome homemade light juice. Amazingly tasty and tangy!


  • 3 green apples( cut into halves)
  • 4 celery sticks chopped
  • 2 small-medium cucumber
  • handful of kale leaves
  • lime juice
  • pinch of ginger
  • Half teaspoon of super green powder.(check the link below)


Add all the above ingredients in a juicer . Add half a glass of water . serve in a tall glass filled with ice cubes and garnish with some mint leaves.

It tastes great and leaves a soothing effect in your digestive system.


love Angel!


Aloe Vera Scrub for a glowing skin.(Magical Plant)

Aloe Vera gel is magical! I have been using the plant for 10 years now and its proven worthwhile. Today I have posted a homemade scrub for dry skin but you can use it whatever your skin texture. It gives an instant glow and wrinkles subside in no time.No wonder my Nanna looked 50 when she was past her seventies.:)


  • 1 large Aloe leaf or you may use half cup of Aloe vera from Forever products. its awesome and tastes delicious too if you were to use it as a drink.
  • half a lemon .
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp brown sugar


Take a glass and scoop out the Aloe Vera gel from the leaf . slice the leaf in between before scooping. use a spoon or a kitchen knife to gently scrap the gel into the glass. Squeeze half the lemon into it .Add honey and brown sugar( you may use the white sugar too. )

mix gently to make a soft paste and rub the mixture on the face and neck area. leave to rest for 20 mins.

wash it off with cold water and pat dry.

The effect is marvellous! you got to try it and leave your comment below.

The scrub is ideal when you have to rush for an occasion and have absolutely no time for salon visits.


love Angel!



Lemony morning booster!

Early morning health drink


1 glass warm water

1/2 TSP honey

1/4 TSP ginger powder

1 TSP coconut virgin oil


Add all the above ingredients in the warm water and stir well. This drink rejenuvates the body . You will feel the difference in your activity level. The lethargy disappears instantly and it helps boost the metabolism.However, the drink should be consumed on daily basis .

The drink should be taken an hour before breakfast.

Healthy home remedies that never fail!

Welcome to my very first Health blog. It’s all about being happy and healthy. Health is Wealth and being wealthy mentally, spiritually and physically is mind-blowing !

In this blog you going to get access to a whole new world of special home remedies that will help you in your day to day lives. This is nothing but a little contribution from my side to make the world a little more healthier and promote goodwill through posting my grandma’s precious magical home remedies!

so stay tuned and do have a blast! share with your loved ones and make the most of it!

Be Blessed

Love Angel!