3- Day Juice Cleanser

3-Day juice Cleanser

A juice cleanse detox diet that work wonders!

By consuming vegetables and fruit juices for a short period of time approximately three days can be termed as Juice cleanser. A juice cleanser supports any body type as natural detox process takes over and clears out all the unneeded toxins from the digestive system. Consulting a health care professional is highly essential before having a juice cleanse

  • When waking up in the morning have a glass of Lukewarm water with a slice of lemon.
  • After an hour prepare green juice by blending Kale, broccoli and spinach with a dash of orange juice.
  • At around midday have a tall glass of smoothie prepared with half a cup of blue berries, half a cup of strawberries and a slice of pineapple.
  • For an afternoon snack prepare fresh juice by blending 2 carrots, 1 green apple, and half a beet root. Add lime for a tangy taste.
  • At around 6 pm you may another smoothie made with almond milk, cashew nut and add vanilla essence to give some flavour.
  • Before going to bed have a tall glass of cold milk or warm milk as you desire.

Fruits and vegetables used to make the juices often include kale, celery, spinach, carrots and leafy greens. Organic produce are simply the best. If hunger pangs persist than do opt for some vegetable soup or a small snack such as a home-made salad of your choice,  or any fruit that you like.

Juice cleansing can not be prolonged more than 3 days .

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