Natural ways to treat radiation burns after breast cancer treatment:

Radiation burns, during cancer treatment range from minor to severe and patients should first seek advice of a doctor before treating radiation burns naturally. The  burns are caused when undergoing radiotherapy sessions while on cancer treatment.

The following remedies mentioned are highly effective in reducing the scars and the dark discolouration after the therapy sessions are over and the treatment is complete.

During my personal experience while undergoing  radiotherapy I experimented with  all the remedies mentioned below and I was so happy with the results. A new layer of skin had emerged and the skin was smooth and supple .  The pain had gradually subsided and the scars had simply vanished.

 -Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a natural product that can heal any skin ailment  if continued for a period of time. Aloe when applied directly to the affected area can leave a cool soothing effect. Reapply it time an again to get faster results. All one has to do is to  squeeze out the aloe gel from the leaf and apply like a cream. you may add some cold coconut milk.


This is found in turmeric and it helps in decreasing burns and many kinds of sores and  blisters on the body. Apply it directly by forming a paste with cold water. It eliminates cancer cells from the body too.

-Milk and Honey paste

Make a paste out of honey and milk. About a half cup and gently rub in the affected area. Repeat several times a day for perfect results. Add a few drops of black seed oil and rub as gently as ever.

 Apricot seeds

  Mash a handful of apricot seeds mixed with cold milk and honey. This is an excellent remedy that removes the burnt layers of the skin after radiation treatment. Massage gently on the affected area. ( you may use apricot oil too) see description below.

However, during radiation treatment do not expose the affected area to direct sunlight. This increases the pain and the skin tends to get itchy. Remember to use natural products on the skin avoiding moisturisers and creams. Do not use bandages and wraps with adhesives as they can pull and tear the skin harshly. Wear loose and comfortable clothing and take plenty of rest.

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