Face scrub to remove Blackheads

Home made scrub to remove Blackheads.

Blackheads can be a pain in the neck. However, a home made scrub can do wonders to your skin . The pores open up and skin texture can change. You will be utterly surprised to notice the glow on your face even without any make up. The above scrub is marvellous. You got to try it to feel it!

Things needed:

Half cup Aloe Vera gel

Some crushed white oats

1 lemon


A tbsp of Organic honey


A tbsp of gram flour

A Tbsp of cucumber juice


Combine all the above and form a smooth paste. Leave to cool . Add few drops of rosemary oil in the paste and apply gently over face area.

Massage in circular strokes and keep the scrub on face for an hour. Wash with warm water and feel all the blackheads discard away.

This home made scrub can be stored up to a week. It makes skin smooth and supple. The cucumber works as a cooling agent removing dark circles around the eye area.















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